Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review: Matchplay by Dakota Madison

Matchplay by Dakota Madison

My Summary, Rating and Review:

Rainy Dey heads off to college as a freshman. Her mom had recently passed away after a battle with cancer and during that time, Rainy hadn't done much dating  or going to parties or all that her friends had been doing so she's pretty inexperienced but she's ready to start living life like a typical 18 year girl does when she's out on her own. 

Shortly after arriving on campus, she encounters and is strangely attracted to Aaron, a gorgeous boy who turns out to be a senior and president of The Clubhouse, a social club full of well-privileged boys on campus. The Clubhouse has a yearly competition to see who can rack up the most points by sleeping with as many girls as possible and bonus points anytime a V-card is taken by one of the guys. Turns out that Aaron is drawn to Rainy as well, particularly after they are paired to work on a semester long project in an art history class.

Rainy's roommate and new friends warn her to steer clear of Aaron. They know he's a player and that it's be only a matter of time before he'll use her and break her heart. But Rainy can't deny her growing feelings for him. Is Aaron using her to secure a win in The Clubhouse's game or is it possible that Rainy just might be the girl that makes him change his ways?

I enjoyed Matchplay and the story flowed smoothly so it was a quick read for me. I loved Rainy and although she's not broken like most female characters that I've been reading lately, she does come with a little bit of baggage with her inexperience in dating matters but she's savvy enough to be cautious and hold back a bit when it comes to getting to know Aaron. 

Aaron was an absolute sweetheart, despite his player reputation, so it was easy to understand how Rainy could start to fall for him even knowing his background. I loved how he called her Sunshine and all the kind things that he did for her throughout their relationship. And I so hoped that they'd be able to work through all the issues that came along with everything related to the Tournament and trust issues. 

Dakota Madison continues the MatchPlay series with book 2, Fairplay, featuring another couple.  I look forward to reading that one soon!


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