Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review: Forgotten Yesterday by Renee Ericson

Forgotten Yesterday by Renee Ericson
(Book #1.5 in the These Days series)

Forgotten Yesterday is a continuation of After Tuesday, so if you have not read that yet, please do so before reading this novella.  (Book 2, Deciding Tomorrow is due to be out in the summer of 2014. )

About the Book:
Ruby Miller's future was on track when she entered her freshman year of college at the University of Chicago. Everything seemed easy, possible, and full of hope, especially with Brent by her side. 

However, life didn't go as planned and obstacles arose setting her on a very different path from the one she had envisioned. 

Now, five years later, Ruby is piecing her life back together and moving on from everything that once tore her apart. 

What happens though, when the one person who carries every memory of Ruby's happiest and darkest moments appears unexpectedly before her? Will she carry on or dive deep into her forgotten yesterday? 

My Notes, Rating and Review

I received a copy of Forgotten Yesterday in exchange for an honest review. 

I had read After Tuesday (the first book in the These Days series) a few months ago so when offered the chance to read Forgotten Yesterday and continue on with Ruby and Brent's saga, I jumped on it. 

This is a short book, only 126 pages, so it read very quickly for me but there's so much packed into those 126 pages. 

When the book opens, we find Ruby living on her own in Chicago working in a restaurant. She's decided that it's time to start moving forward again and is accepting of the flirtation coming from one of her co-workers. Little did she know that mid-shift she'd come face to face with a piece of her past and it would shake her to the core and make her question if she should continue on moving forward or if she's even moved on at all and should she go back and try to recoup what she's lost.

The book was set up in an interesting format in that it went from present time to flashbacks in the past, but it absolutely worked for me. We were presented with enough information piece by piece to have the story make complete sense as it goes along. It definitely kept things interesting for me because I had just enough information to know a little about what had gone down 5 years ago, but didn't have quite enough to know the whole story so it kept me wanting to read chapter after chapter. 

After reading Forgotten Yesterday, I love Ruby even more than I did in After Tuesday. She had such a great strength in dealing with the memories of her past while also trying to come to terms on what to do with the piece of her past. Should she stay away or should she open her heart again knowing that there was a super huge chance of it getting shattered again? 

Book 3, Deciding Tomorrow, will be out this summer and I will be anxiously awaiting for it so I can see what happens next with Ruby. 

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