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Review - Anonymous by Holly Hood

Anonymous by Holly Hood

About the Book: 
Elle Saunders is a train wreck. Everyone makes mistakes but she made one of the worst. She doesn't want her life back on track she wants to forget. But those plans come to an end when she meets someone else failing at life.

Hart Allen, he's handsome and smooth and knows just the right things to say to keep people at a distance. He wants to save everyone but himself. He spends most his time locked in rehab, and the other half finding ways to go right back when he's not. But when he meets Elle things change, he is determined to help her.

He has no way of knowing that for once he might not be able to talk himself out of his latest mistakes. He has to face them.

My Rating and Review: 
I received a copy of Anonymous in exchange for an honest review. 

Elle's way of dealing with the biggest mistake of her life has her hitting rock bottom, but instead of wanting to get facing it and moving past it, she thinks the answer is to keep on trying to forget about it, and bury herself in a bottle. Even with rehab, she thinks her mistake is just too unforgivable. Even her longtime boyfriend Pauly, isn't as supportive as she needs him to be and is the first to point out to her about her downfalls. She meets Hart during one of his many stints in rehab. He has his own share of mistakes, and he's fighting his own brand of demons. Neither Elle nor Hart can deny the strong pull towards their friendship - even though neither of them is at the point where it's difficult for them to open up completely and honestly with each other. 

I really like this story. Elle's story was heartbreaking and there were so many instances where I just wanted to smack her friends and her family. Pauly definitely needed a shakedown, as did her brother Nick and her dad. Hart though stole the story for me. I know he's been dealt a hard hand all of his life and has made so many wrong decisions, especially lately but if you can get to the other side of his walls, it's easier to understand why he does what he does. I loved his friendship with Jesse as that was his safety zone and Hart knew that Jesse loves him enough through thick and thin to be able to call him out of his actions and even give him a little bit of hope that things will work out okay after all. 

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