Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review- Finding Home by Aine Kelley

My Rating, Summary and Review

I received a copy of Finding Home in exchange for an honest review. 

Sam is about to graduate college and she has sworn off men and relationships thanks to what she's experienced with her own parents and with her dating history. Every one of her boyfriends has cheated on her and made her feel inadequate. She is busy planning for her future, which includes a teaching job in Boston, using her new college degree and finding a new place to live. 

Sam Cole's best friend and roommate, Jenny, is heading back home to California to work at her family's winery. When Sam's teaching job falls through due to budget cuts, Jenny makes Sam an offer that she can't refuse - joining her in California and helping out the family business while she figures out where to go from there. 

Jenny Foster's brother Ben has been grieving for the past 2 years, over the loss of his fiancee Beth who was killed in a car accident and is afraid to let himself have feelings for anyone else. Sam and Ben have spoken on the phone a few times, when he's called to speak to his sister and she was out but have never met face to face, until he picks Sam up at the airport as a favor to his sister. They both feel a connection but is that connection strong enough to break through the walls that each has put up around their hearts? 

I absolutely loved this book. Aine Kelley did an amazing job with this, her debut novel. I love that she offers us both point of views, with the chapters alternating from Sam's point of view in one chapter, to Ben's in the next. I always enjoy being to get into both main character's heads to know what they are thinking. Sam and Ben were such likeable characters - both had been dealt a tough hand by their own circumstances and both had very strong fight or flight instincts and I so wanted them to figure out that what they could offer to each other was worth fighting for. 

Aine Kelley's next book keeps us with the Foster family, featuring Jenny and Ben's best friend Jack and is due out in the spring of 2014 and I for one, cannot wait for it!

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  1. seems really interesting! might check it out