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Cover Reveal: 2B or Not 2B by Stephanie Witter

I'm so excited to be able to share this cover reveal with you.   I've only read one other book by Stephanie Witter (Patch Up) but I loved it so much that I'm counting the days until I can get my hands onto her next book!!


London Reed is on the hunt for a place to live before the start of her second year in college. Either she is successful and can enjoy her student life without the pressure of her parents breathing down her neck, or she goes back home and clashes with her parents.

Because London doesn’t have a filter.

''You’re a weird one, aren’t you?''

She basically tells it as she sees it. So when she meets the hunky and scarred guy who lives in apartment 2B, the last apartment on her exhausting list, she’s sure to bring some crazy in his life.

But he’s determined to not take a girl for a roommate.

"I have nothing against you, but I don't see this working for me."

London doesn’t give up that easily and makes a deal with him. If she makes it for two months, she’s in for the whole year. If not, then she leaves to never contact him again.

Easy, right? Not so much.

"You should have told me that you wanted me to be all over you."

When a guy and a girl live under the same roof, it’s bound to complicate things. Between banters, heady games of seduction, innuendos and insecurities revealed, the life in apartment 2B isn’t simple, and a few slips in their relationship doesn’t help the matter.

"You're driving me completely nuts. That's my fucking problem."

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Ebooks and paperbacks will be available on Amazon, Nook, iTunes and Smashwords late June 2014. 

About the Author:

Stephanie Witter is a French dreamer. She started learning English at three, and fell in love with the language. Always with a book, or two close by, she started reading in English when she couldn’t wait any longer for Harry Potter to be translated in French. After a while, reading wasn’t enough. She soon started writing Young Adult and New Adult Contemporary novels filled with angst, love, hope, drama and a touch of fun. PATCH UP is her first New Adult Contemporary novel.

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Freebie Alert - Down to Business by JC Alexander

Just wanted to share that one of the first books I've reviewed for Let's Get Lost in A Good Book is currently free!  I'm not sure how long it will offered for free, so if you're interested in reading it,  quick...... go grab it from Amazon. 

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Friday 56 (#5) - In The Stillness by Andrea Randall

This is a fun meme to do hosted by Freda's Voice.  All you have to do is grab a book (any book will do)!  Turn to either page 56 or 56% in your ereader.  Find a sentence or two that grab your attention and then post it and link it  here.

From:  In The Stillness by Andrea Randall 

About the Book: 
Natalie is a wife.
Natalie is a mother.
Natalie is a cutter.

Clawing at walls built by resentment, regret, and guilt, Natalie cuts as an escape from a life she never planned. 

Staying present is only possible when you let go of the past. But, what if the past won't let go?

My Notes: 
I have loved everything I've read by Andrea Randall so I know this book will not disappoint. From all I've heard about it, I'm going to have to be sure I have a box of Kleenex handy when I do start reading it! 

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What's Next Thursday - It's Just a Little Crush - Ransom - Melt With You

Hosted by: IceyBooks
Description: Can’t decide what to read next? Make a post with 3 books you want to (or have to!) read soon and link up every Thursday at IceyBooks, so your readers can help you decide by casting votes!

Here's 3 books that are next on my to be read list.  

It's Just a Little Crush by Caroline Farding
Ransom by Denise Mathews 
Melt With You by Jessie Evans

It's Just  A Little Crush:  The sleepy town of Liberty hasn’t seen murder in…well…ever. Residents are stunned when the body of a young woman is found strangled, and reporters at the Liberty Chronicle are thrilled, rather disturbingly, over the biggest news story to hit town this century. 

Lizzie Hart has even bigger problems. Lately, she can’t seem to concentrate on her job as copy editor at the Chronicle with the new hunky investigative reporter, Blake Morgan, swaggering around the office. How can a girl work when she’s using all of her energy combating Blake-induced hot flashes and struggling to repress the giggly inner schoolgirl that’s constantly rearing her dorky head? It’s a good thing that Blake barely knows Lizzie exists. 

After an odd string of events, however, Lizzie begins to wonder if Blake is really as fabulous as she has fantasized. When Lizzie and Blake find a co-worker dead, Blake’s personality changes completely—and not in a good way. Even though the police rule the death as an accident, Lizzie immediately suspects foul play and senses a connection to the recent murder. She is determined to bring the killer to justice, but is having some trouble getting her Nancy Drew on thanks to the pesky stalker she’s picked up—Blake Morgan. Wait, didn’t she want him to follow her around and pay attention to her? Not like this. Blake has turned from cool and smooth to cold and downright scary, making Lizzie wonder if he should be next on her suspect list

Ransom: One bad decision...a tragedy that can never be undone...and upon the ruins of devastation love grows...

No one knows as well as Lexie Adams how your whole world can change in a fraction of a second, she's lived with that reality ever since a horrible event stole her future. But worse than what happened after, is living with the concept that she's to blame for it all.

From as far back as Ransom Sanders can remember, his days have been an endless string of venues, hotel rooms, cheap diner food, and nothing to call his own. He knows he's good for two things, pleasing everyone but himself and taking care of his younger brother Gabriel, a celebrity faith healer and medium.

When fate pushes Lexie and Ransom's paths together they develop a relationship based on mutual necessity, where they use each other to get what they need.
Yet what begins as a Pandora's box of secrets and ulterior motives, soon becomes something so much more than either Ransom or Lexie thought they could have. A chance for something that is uniquely their own, a safe place to fall where their broken spirits can be healed, and where love isn't just a word it's a reality.

Melt With You: 
Some fires never burn out…

After ten years as America’s sweetest celebrity chef, Naomi Whitehouse is enjoying life out of the spotlight, back in her hometown of Summerville, Georgia. She’s opening a pastry shop with her sister, housesitting for her snowbird parents, and reconnecting with her roots. Life is good until she runs into her high school sweetheart, Jake Hansen, a sexy firefighter who gives her a reception chilly enough to freeze a forest fire. If Naomi wants her homecoming to remain all cupcakes and sugar cookies, she’ll have to win Jake over. But how can she earn his forgiveness when he won’t even speak to her?

When the girl who broke his heart buys a month of dates at the firefighter’s Hunk-for-a-Month fundraiser auction, only honor keeps widower Jake Hansen from backing out of the commitment. He won’t let the firehouse down, even if it means enduring a torturous month with Naomi Whitehouse. And Jake knows being close to Naomi again will be torture. Even after all these years, she still gets to him…not that he intends to let her know it. He’ll be civil, honor his obligation, and with any luck Naomi will tire of playing small-town pastry chef and Jake will never see her again.

But as the month passes, Jake and Naomi discover some fires never burn out. Will the heat between them be enough to melt away the pain of past mistakes, or is their second chance doomed from the start?

Oh, decisions, decisions.  Which do you think I should pick to read first? 

Review - When It's Love by Emma Lauren

When It's Love by Emma Lauren 
*contains Mature content*

My Rating, Summary and Review

Sydney is one semester away from graduating from Addison College and not really sure what the future holds for her.  She doesn't have a close relationship with her mother and she's never actually met her dad.   Due to events that have happened back at home, she doesn't have a large circle of friends at school and spends a lot of time with her best friend Henry.  

For the past 14 weeks, she's been in a creative writing class with a professor that she's attracted to and has dreams about getting him to notice her, so she's beyond ecstatic when he leaves her a rave review on the last essay that she writes for the class and even more excited when she discovers an email from him in her inbox, praising her again and telling her to keep in touch with him even though the class has ended.    Feeling more confident in flirting with him behind the safety of her computer screen than in person, she finds herself in the midst of a serious cyber flirtation, which quickly escalates.     Henry knows all about her crush on the professor and has been encouraging her to continue the online fliration and even helps her by taking pictures of her in compromising positions.  But the photography session heats up between Henry and Sydney and she is surprised to find that she has begun to have feelings for her best friend and even more surprised to find that he too has had feelings for her all along.     So where does leave things between her and the professor?

I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read, but it packed steam and emotions and even though I was able to figure out certain aspects before they were revealed there were a few unexpected twists and turns along the way.   Without giving away any spoilers, there's a part of Sydney's past that comes out and helps to explain why she has such a hard time trusting people and why she hasn't been able to tell people her deepest darkest secrets.

I liked Sydney but I really loved Henry.  I know he had his reasons for his actions so I was able to overlook certain things that came out near the end of the book.     I'm a little sad that it ended with a cliffhanger because I was really hoping that things would work out for Sydney and the man that she chose, so I'll be keeping my eye out for book #2, When It's Over to see what happens next.

I received a copy of When It's Love by Emma Lauren in exchange for an honest review.

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Review - Significance by Shelly Crane

About the Book: 

Maggie is a seventeen year old girl who's had a bad year. She was smart and on track, but then her mom left, her dad is depressed, she's graduating - barely - and her boyfriend of almost three years dumped her for a college football scholarship. Lately she thinks life is all about hanging on by a thread and is gripping tight with everything she has.
Then she saves the life of Caleb and instantly knows there's something about him that's intriguing. But things change when they touch, sparks ignite. Literally.
They imprint with each other and she sees their future life together flash before her eyes. She learns that not only is she his soul mate, and can feel his heartbeat in her chest, but there is a whole other world of people with gifts and abilities that she never knew existed. She herself is experiencing supernatural changes unlike anything she's ever felt before and she needs the touch of his skin to survive.
Now, not only has her dad come out of his depression to be a father again, and a pain as well, but Caleb's enemies know he's imprinted and are after Maggie to stop them both from gaining their abilities and take her from him.

Can Caleb save her or will they be forced to live without each other after just finding one 


My Rating  and Review
To be completely honest, I'm not completely sure why I had downloaded Significance a few months ago. While I'm a diehard romance fan, I'm really not into fantasy or para-normal romances. 

The other day I decided to go a bit outside of my comfort zone and I discovered that I could not put the book down. 

I loved Maggie, I loved her unconventional meeting with Caleb so I was already invested in the story even when it started going on it's paranormal path when the imprint was explained, and I just kept reading and getting more invested in as the story went. 

I'm looking forward to continuing on with Accordance to see what happens next in Maggie and Caleb's journey. 

Review - Connected by The Sea by E.L. Todd

Connected by the Sea (Hawaiian Crush, #1)
Connected by the Sea by E.L. Todd
(Hawaiian Crush, Book 1) 

My Rating, Summary and Review

Sydney is a college student, on her own, having gotten away from a troubled family life. She's doing great in her classes, and has a good job to give her some extra spending money and a great group of friends. One of her professors asks her to tutor a student who's having some trouble in class and she's surprised when she discovers that it's Coen. Coen is the gorgeous guy that she's attracted to in spite of his reputation. Could there be more to Coen than what most people think of him? 

I really enjoyed this story. It flowed very well and quickly and I could easily understand the attraction between Sydney and Coen, despite all of the complications they encountered. And I especially love that while the story will continued on in book 2, Breaking Through the Waves, the book didn't end on a cliffhanger. I look forward to the next part, hopefully coming soon, and seeing what happens next when Sydney's mom and step-dad come for a visit. 

I received a copy of Connected By The Sea in exchange for an honest review. 

Snowy Day in New Hampshire

Here's the view from the sliding doors in my dining room today.   New Hampshire is in the middle of a snow storm, which in my 11 year's old words is going to be an 'epic' snowstorm.   I think he's just excited because school was cancelled for the day.       We're getting about an inch of snow every hour and the latest weather update has the total accumulation being between 8 and 14 inches.        Oh, one of the joys (or not) of living in New England!!

Waiting on Wednesday - When I Break by Kendall Ryan

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Here's my choice for this week - due to be released on February 24, 2014

About the Book: 
Knox Bauer's life has unraveled to the point of no return. Fighting to fill the emptiness inside himself, he seeks solace in unfamiliar beds with unfamiliar women. As guardian to his three younger brothers, he can't seem to do a thing right. But this can't go on...they look up to him in every way and all he’s done lately is prove how messed up he really is. Needing a change, he attends a local Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting, where he finds himself tempted by the alluring instructor, McKenna. 

Twenty-one year old McKenna is trying to make amends. After losing her parents in a horrific accident, she knows if she can just be good enough, maybe she can forgive herself for what happened. With her newly acquired degree in counseling, she begins leading a sex addicts group where she meets the troubled Knox and her life takes on complications she never bargained for. She doesn't have time for a bad boy who only wants to take her to bed, even if her body disagrees. The fixer in her wants to help, but trusting Knox's true motivations might take more courage than she has.

When I Break is book 1 in a new series by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Kendall Ryan. When I Surrender, book 2, will be available May 2014.

Warning: Contains a stubborn alpha male with addiction issues and loads of sexual tension between two damaged characters. Read at your own risk. 

Due to mature content, it is recommended for 17+

Cover Characteristics #5 - Music

Cover Characteristic is a weekly meme hosted by Sugar & Snark.  Each week they pick a characteristic and then all the participants choose 5 of their favorite cover's with that characteristic.  

I am going to try to pick books from my own library to fit the weekly characteristic whenever it's possible and this week's characteristic is:  Music
From my TBR list, I like these 3 covers: 

Rock Star's Girl by J.F. Kristin
Rock Radio by Lisa Wainland
The Real Fling by R. Silver

From my 5-star Read list, here's 2 of my favorite books that fit the Music theme

Ten Days of Perfect by Andrea Randall
Offsides by Sawyer Bennett

Let me know what you think of my choices this week! 

We have a winner!!!

Our first giveaway has come to a close and I'm happy to announce a winner!!

Congratulations to Karrie M  - she has won a $10 Amazon giftcard.   
Karrie, please check your email for a message from me!

And a huge thank you to everyone who's stopped by and entered for a chance to win!!   I am already in the planning stages for the next giveaway!!

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Review - Fair Play by Dakota Madison (Matchplay #2)

Fair Play (Matchplay #2) by Dakota Madison

My Rating, Summary and Review

Fair Play is book #2 in the Matchplay series and picks up right where Matchplay ends. Aaron Donovan has just asked Rainey Dey to marry him and she's accepted much to the dismay of Keira Whitley. How dare he fall in love with someone other than Keira, much less someone who is in a lower social circle and whose family is in a much lower income bracket. Keira's and Aaron's mothers have been planning for years that their children would fall in love, get married and bring even more wealth into their already wealthy lives. 

Keira is ready to do anything it takes to get Aaron away from Rainey, just so she can have him for herself. 

I really liked Matchplay because I loved watching Aaron and Rainey's relationship develop amid the obstacles that were tossed their way and snooty booty Keira was not my favorite secondary character at all, so I will admit I was a little hesitant about going on with her story. But I wanted to give it a chance and I'm glad I did. 

I won't go as far to say that Keira is someone that I'd want to invite to my house for dinner or hang out with, but I did enjoy her story. It was nice to watch Evan bring her down a bit from the high horse she came riding in on, and it was very great to see Rainey not back down and let Keira know that she was not going to win the battle over Aaron. 

Evan who I'm surprised to say whose character was redeemed for me here as well, deserves a medal for seeing something in Keira before anyone else did and for chipping away at her heart until she realized what she could have was right in front of her. And I loved her surprising friendship with Roxie. 

The Matchplay series continues with Book #3, Final Play which features the brother of Rainey's roommate Olivia. 

I received a complimentary copy of Fair Play in exchange for an honest review.

"Waiting on Wednesday" - Melting the Ice by Jaci Burton

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

My choice for this week has a few of my favorite things!
1. It's a romance
2. There's a hockey player in it
3. The cover is hot enough that it could be Melting The Ice!
4. It's by Jaci Burton

Melting the Ice by Jaci Burton

About the Book: 
Carolina Preston has only one goal in mind—launching her new fashion line. She needs only one last thing to make it perfect—hockey phenom Drew Hogan. But Carolina and Drew have a history that goes back to their college days, and Carolina doesn’t want the embarrassment of her past to cloud the brightness of her future. 

Drew is eager for the chance to show Carolina he isn’t the boy who hurt her back then, but a man now, with the skills necessary to melt the icy exterior of her cold heart

My Notes:
This is Book #7 in Jaci Burton's Play By Play series!!!  Her books are known for hot sexy athletes and lots of steamy action so I'm definitely looking forward to reading this one!

Expected publication:  February 4, 2014

Review - Blackness Takes Over - by Norma Jeanne Karlsson

Blackness Takes Over by Norma Jeanne Karlsson

My Rating, Summary and Review

I received a copy of Blackness Takes Over in exchange for an honest review. 

Shannon Kelly has had two life-altering events in her life, one when she was a child at the time her dad was killed and the other in his freshman year of college. After the second event, she finds herself in the middle of an unconventional friendship with the 3 guys that saved her. The guys are the kinds of friends that become her new family and their parents/siblings also call her one of their own. Kavy, Cally and Sully are gorgeous sexy guys, who would do anything in the world for her and protect her with every once of their being, while loving her unconditionally. Even after college, their worlds remained immersed, as they all share a house, and their careers are all intermingled. 

Dylan Kellerman (Kel) comes into their lives, as the son of a late eyewitness and he is immediately floored by Shannon and he also falls into protective mode over her, but it's different for him than it is for the other guys. Shannon hasn't ever really felt drawn to anyone romantically but there's definitely something about Kel that makes her want to change that. 

Due to circumstances revolving around the crime that Kel's dad witnessed, Shannon receives some death threats and the guys feel that she needs even more protection than what they can offer, so bodyguard, Taylor (just as gorgeous and sexy as the other guys in her life) comes into the picture. Once he gets to know Shannon, he too falls under a spell when it comes to her but he's not even trying to hide it from the guys or from Kel, so even though Shannon is completely enraptured with Kel, he starts feeling insecure with their blossoming relationship. 

I wasn't really sure what to think about this book when it first started but as I got farther into it, it got harder to put the book down. It's definitely got a unique story which was very refreshing to me. The friendship between Shannon and the guys was crazy fast, but with all of the feelings that are revealed later on in the story, it does make perfect sense. Shannon is amazingly strong in spite of or maybe because of all that she's had to deal with. Kavy and Cally and Sully absolutely make the story. Sure, it's all about Shannon, but it's because of them and their quirks and their loyalty that stole the book for me, with Kavy being my favorite. The banter between them all had me laughing so often but also was very touching whenever things were getting too heavy. 

My only complaint is that I didn't know it was going to have a serious cliffhanger at the end and book 2 won't be out until April. The next few months are going to drag by while I wait and ponder what's going to happen next. But please don't let that stop you from reading this book. Even if book 2 is only 1/2 as good as Blackness Takes Over, it will be a book well worth waiting for!

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Review- Finding Home by Aine Kelley

My Rating, Summary and Review

I received a copy of Finding Home in exchange for an honest review. 

Sam is about to graduate college and she has sworn off men and relationships thanks to what she's experienced with her own parents and with her dating history. Every one of her boyfriends has cheated on her and made her feel inadequate. She is busy planning for her future, which includes a teaching job in Boston, using her new college degree and finding a new place to live. 

Sam Cole's best friend and roommate, Jenny, is heading back home to California to work at her family's winery. When Sam's teaching job falls through due to budget cuts, Jenny makes Sam an offer that she can't refuse - joining her in California and helping out the family business while she figures out where to go from there. 

Jenny Foster's brother Ben has been grieving for the past 2 years, over the loss of his fiancee Beth who was killed in a car accident and is afraid to let himself have feelings for anyone else. Sam and Ben have spoken on the phone a few times, when he's called to speak to his sister and she was out but have never met face to face, until he picks Sam up at the airport as a favor to his sister. They both feel a connection but is that connection strong enough to break through the walls that each has put up around their hearts? 

I absolutely loved this book. Aine Kelley did an amazing job with this, her debut novel. I love that she offers us both point of views, with the chapters alternating from Sam's point of view in one chapter, to Ben's in the next. I always enjoy being to get into both main character's heads to know what they are thinking. Sam and Ben were such likeable characters - both had been dealt a tough hand by their own circumstances and both had very strong fight or flight instincts and I so wanted them to figure out that what they could offer to each other was worth fighting for. 

Aine Kelley's next book keeps us with the Foster family, featuring Jenny and Ben's best friend Jack and is due out in the spring of 2014 and I for one, cannot wait for it!

Cover Characteristics #4 - Ethnic Characters

Cover Characteristic is a weekly meme hosted by Sugar & Snark.  Each week they pick a characteristic and then all the participants choose 5 of their favorite cover's with that characteristic.  

I am going to try to pick books from my own library to fit the weekly characteristic whenever it's possible and this week's characteristic is:  Ethnic Characters

Here's what I've come up with from my Goodreads Shelves: 

Guardian of Eden by Leslie Dubois (on my TBR list)
Oh Babe Yes by Kenneth Burrel (on my TBR list)
Ain't No Sunshine by Leslie Dubois (on my read list)
Reclaim My Heart by Donna Fasano  (on my read list)


Jack & Diane by Lena Hampton (on my TBR list) 
Let me know what you think of my covers!