Saturday, January 3, 2015

Review:  Strangers by A.L. Parks

Strangers by A.L. Parks.
publication date:  January 15, 2014
available on Amazon

Bereaved bride Abby Clark is tortured by visions of the fatal crash that took her fiancé on their wedding day. She succumbs to a dark existence where loneliness, sadness and nightmares dwell; until handsome, brooding Bryce Holden walks through the door of her favorite coffee shop, wearing the same cloak of despair and grief. Abby discovers in Bryce someone who understands love and loss, and soon their close friendship grows into a deep love. But ghosts make strange bedfellows, and Abby is forced to battle the tormenting images that continue to haunt her, and confront the ethereal presence of a beloved wife to protect her future with Bryce.

My Rating and Review

I loved this book!! Abby and Bryce both deserve a second chance at happiness and who better to look for it with, than with someone who's been there in their own version of hell. I love that they were able to forge such a great friendship and that they finally had someone who fully understood the moments during conversations when their minds took them to a dark place, someone who they didn't have to justify their feelings to, someone who just got it!! It certainly wasn't an easy journey for them as their friendship grew but all the struggles that they fought through made them stronger and closer!

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