Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Top Ten Reads of 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme sponsored by The Broke and the Bookish and this week's Top Ten list is all about our favorite books that we read in 2013. 

I spent a lot of time reading in 2013 and finished over 250 books (Some great, some ok and a few not so good) so narrowing it down to just 10 is not an easy task for me.   But to help me make my choices, I'm going to choose my 10 from the New Adult romance genre.     So here we go, in no particular order, because ranking them by which I loved most would be impossible to do. 


The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski I loved Camryn and especially loved Andrew Parrish!! I think I went through an entire box of tissues at the end of this one!!! I have not read The Edge of Always yet but that's high on my list of must reads for 2014!

Deeper We Fall by Chelsea M. Camerson  I received this to review and I absolutely could not put the book down to the extent that I think my kids had cereal for dinner that night.  I loved Lottie but I really loved Zan.  Once I found out the secret he was keeping, I loved him even more.  Faster We Burn (book 2) is another one of my must reads for 2014!

More Than This by Jay McLean  This is another book that I received for a review and it just had so much intensity and so much emotional turmoil but it grabbed me and would not let me go.   Once again, there's a Book 2 in this series (with a book 3 coming out in 2014) that is on the must read.

Where I End and You Begin by Andra Brynn   Another read for a review book that blew me away.  Bianca was just so broken and Daniel was just so lost and even when I thought I knew what was going on, there was just so much more! 

Omission by Taryn Plendl (has been retitled as Lies of Omission  I had gotten this as a freebie on my Kindle and just chose it to read at random but it was well worth the read.  It's a shorter story but packed so much emotion.  This book has one of my favorite quotes that has stuck with me, even months after reading it. "Sometimes walls aren't built to keep people out... sometimes they are built to see who is strong enough to bring them down."

Pieces of Me by Ann Garner    Another book that I'd gotten as a read for a review and another book that had me ignoring all else until I was finished with it.   My heart broke for Delaney but I loved Cole and how badly he wanted Delaney to let him in. 

Someone To Love by Addison Moore   I loved Kendall and Cruise.  Gotta love when the characters think they can 'play' the game and keep things casual and those true feelings make their way out.   Someone Like You (Book 2) is due out in January 2014 which I'll be excited to add to my must read list.

One Week Girlfriend by Monica Murphy   One of my favorite romance themes is a pretend 'relationship' and this one did not disappoint.   Drew's secret was heartbreaking and combined with Fable's own issues made for an interesting journey.    I'm behind on reading book 2 (Second Chance Boyfriend) and book 3 (Three Broken Promises) just went live this week  and book 4 (Four Years Later) is due out in February so I will be finishing up this series soon!

Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett   As a romance fan and also a bigtime hockey fan, chances are if you throw the two together into a book, I'm going to love it.   I loved Danny and her issues and I loved Ryan and how he ultimately didn't let his friends' and family's opinions influence his decisions.   This was a quick read and I've reread it already at least 2 more times beyond my original read!

Lost & Found by Nadia Simonenko   I was given both books to review together, so counting this as one book.  Another heartbreaking tale that required lots of tissues.  I was lucky enough to read this pair this summer during a heatwave where my sons wanted to go to the pool everyday where there's lifeguards on duty, so I could read read read to my heart's content while they splashed around.  Maria and Owen were each carrying so much baggage but it gave me so much hope to watch each of them become stronger on their own and work towards healing each other. 

Wow!  That was definitely hard to decide which 10 would be at the top of my list.  How many of my favorites did you read and were any of them in your top ten?   Inquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Whoa that's a lot of books you read in 2013 o.O Good job! I don't read that many Adult Romance novels, but I think it would be interesting to try out. Hope to get some inspirations/suggestions through your reviews :)

    Angel @ Spare Reads

    1. Thanks for stopping by Angel! I started working again this fall, after being a Stay at home mom for 9 years, so I predict a sharp drop in the number of books I read this year, but still hope to squeeze in a lot of reading time.

      I hope that I'll read some books that will sound intriguing to you this year!